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Grants, Loans and Collaboration

Edgetech Developments offers industrial and engineering consutling services enabling our clients to obtain regional, provincial and federal loans and grants.

Engineering Solutions

Each client receives highly professional and personalized consulting services.
Find out the best solution for your company!

Business Developments

Services provided are guaranteed by professionals and skilled workers which are orientized for helping your activity to reach the wanted target.

Manufacturing Consulting

Everything you must know about Industry 4.0, the most advanced High-Tech solutions for manufacturing industries.

Engineering Thermoplastic Division

The next generation of automobiles are here and as Electric Vehicles expand in the market, the industry and consumers will face new challenges. Technical performance criteria go beyond the standard physical and mechanical properties, materials will need to overcome stringent requirements including high and/or continuous temperature, high voltage, chemical resistance, and EMI shielding. With our technical experts, broad range EV compatible materials, and strategically placed warehouses, ETD will power comprehensive solutions for your Electric vehicle program.


At ETD we support our customers by reviewing part and tool design, troubleshooting moldflow and CAE requirements so your process runs efficiently.


We pride ourselves in our expert verification of part performance, ensuring that all critical technical requirements are met.


Our technical experts are capable of optimizing the processing window for dimension, appearance and cycle time.


We see our customers and our suppliers as partners, this creates a relationship and a support network during every step of throughout the lifespan of a program, even after production has started.

EdgeTech Developments Inc.

Business Solutions for Companies and individuals
Advanced Technological Innovations for All

- Edgetech Developments offers industrial and engineering consulting services enabling our clients to obtain regional, provincial and federal loans and grants

- Exclusive distributor for Italy of the most powerful monitoring solution for industries:
Smart Attend www.smartattend.com

- Face Shields: to be ready to face this emergency safely (authorized distributor)

The team at EdgeTech provides you with the right solution to help your business to succeed. 

EdgeTech Developments Inc. was founded in Canada in 2017, and offers consulting services to companies that dare to go further and embracing innovative systems and technologies. We help companies move into "Industry 4.0" smart manufacturing. By demonstrating competence and professionalism, Edgetech gives companies an ‘edge’ over their competition by keeping them at pace with our every evolving word of technology and innovation. Every company has its own needs, which is why the EdgeTech team meticulously studies and follows every required detail and tailors a solution that fits just right. That means our customers get personalized services, which guarantee quality and attention and achievement of the goals.

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