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Know Your Data

The Solution SMART ATTEND allows you to collect data having precise information directly from your machines, in REAL TIME, 24/7, worldwide.

Take Right Actions

Custom reporting and efficiency monitoring helps identify any trends or changes in your production, helping you track the success rate of new action plans.

Improve Your Business

Minimizing unplanned shutdowns and preventing possible issues, this device helps you to improve your production efficiency.  

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Make More Effective Decisions

Anytime. Anywhere.


Custom reporting and efficiency monitoring helps identify any trends or changes in your production, helping you track the success rate of new action plans. Add Automation to a manufacturing cell? Now you can quickly see the changes to the cycle time, productivity levels, and increase in OEE. Any change you implement can be tracked and identified with powerful reporting tools built right into the Smart Attend.

Analyze and stay connected

Real-time production monitoring, accessible world-wide via any web-browser or the Smart Attend mobile app, removes the stress of the unknown and provides instant insight into any production job currently running on the shop floor. With Smart Attend, managers and key personnel can quickly identify when targets are being met, the current operational status of any machine, which alarms are currently triggered and if the job is ahead or behind schedule.
Patented technology with an industry-leading single-day setup, the Smart Attend system can be quickly installed and configured to connect with any brand or age of machine and instantly begin driving information straight from the factory floor. Smart Attend communicates securely via your onsite WiFi network, relaying information through advanced Tier 3 certified data centres for instant company-wide monitoring, analysis, and reporting.


The Smart device is more than just a control box. It’s built for flexibility and can be tailored to your exact needs. Our notification system is driven by the inputs received, alerting your choice of personnel to the most crucial alarms. Want your operators to have the ability to call for a specific resource? Simply push a button right at the manufacturing cell to send an alert to staff members for a response.
Upgradeable, serviceable, and supported like no other. Smart Attend is the sole supplier of our solution, so if you require support, you’re speaking with the team of engineers who designed each and every aspect of the system. With one supplier, one source of support, and product service like no other we can ensure that your system never skips a beat.
A fully customizable system, we use our years of industry experience to design unique solutions for our customers each and every day. Based on your needs, we’re able to recommend a solution, trial it in our own plant, and provide you with a turn key option that has already been proven on the production floor.
Our solutions have included everything from customer specific sensors to advanced auxiliary system integration.
We leverage our experience to deliver the best solution to each customer, and support them every step of the way.

Winner of the 2017 CPIA Innovator Award

The award recognizes companies who are pushing the envelope in terms of technology and introducing innovating ideas that push the manufacturing industry forward.



FCC mark certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the device is under limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission.

CSA (Canada, U.S.)

CSA mark indicates that the product was tested and has met the certification requirements for electrical, plumbing and/or mechanical products.

CE (European Union)

CE mark indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

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